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Whole School Priorities 2017-2018

Admissions Policy

Register of Admission & Attendance Policy

Anti-bullying Policy

Assessment Policy

Accessibility Plan

Asbestos Policy

Behaviour Policy

Teaching and Learning Policy

Data Protection Policy

Equality Duty 2017-2018

Equality Objectives

Income and Charging Policy

Lettings Policy

Premises Management Policy

Supporting Pupils With Medical Conditions

SEND Information

SEND Information Report 2017

Safeguarding Policy (EMLC Policy)

Children Missing In Education Policy

Supporting children with SEND policy

Dealing With Allegations Of Abuse

E-Safety Policy

Exclusion Statutory Guidance

Complaints Policy

Pupil Premium Policy

Health and Safety Policy

First Aid Policy

Female Genital Mutilation Policy

Inclusion Policy

Nursery Admissions Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

British Values

Prevent Anti-Radicalisation Policy

Manual Handling Policy

Sex and Relationship Policy

Unacceptable Behaviour on School Premises Policy 





Maths Information

Primary National Curriculum Policy

Calculation Policy

1,2,3 Addition Strategies 4,5,6 Addition Mental Strategies

Addition Y1-3  Addition Y4-6    EYFS Addition

1,2,3 Division Mental Maths  4,5,6 Division Mental Maths   Division Y1-3

Division Y4-6   EYFS Division  Long Division Page 1   Long Division Page 2

1,2,3 Multiplication Mental Strategies   4,5,6 Multiplication  EYFS Multiplication

Multiplication Y1-3    Multiplication Y4-6

1,2,3 Subtraction Mental Maths  4,5,6 Subtraction Mental Maths   EYFS Subtraction

Subtraction Y1-3 Subtraction Y4-6

Year 6 SATs Parents Presentation  Website and Useful Information